Let's talk Joseph Nicholas Gallo.
Gary Sánchez has gone from must-watch to agonizing over the last two seasons, but how did we get to this point?
Don't forget: Corey Seager is still extremely good at baseball and would make the Yankees astronomically better.
The more I look at the batted ball data, the more I believe Anthony Rizzo isn't the right option for a contending 2022 Yankees' roster.
There are definitely ways for the Yankees to add more value at the catching position in 2022 that would be upgrades to the roster.
I'm going to show you the most important components of a good offense, and how to apply that to the 2021 Yankees.
The Yankees need to make a number of upgrades to their roster. They should go for the cake and include both Matt Olson and Sean Manaea in their plans.
Marcus Semien would not be a good signing for the Yankees to play shortstop. Not even on a short-term contract.
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